Graduate school of computer science
applied to today's and tomorrow's businesses…
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ÉSTIAM, the Graduate School of Computer Science offers two degrees: a Bachelor's degree and a Master's degree.

Innovative training geared towards professionalization:

The school allows every student to learn systematic professional and technical knowledge from the innovative training models and professional courses and apply theoretical knowledge to practice.

3 MSc & 1 MBA
The school offers 3 MSc computer science programs and 1 MBA program.

Advantages: high-intensity academic courses, international network, balanced functional knowledge, and accelerated career development.

ÉSTIAM, the Graduate School of Computer Science is highly international with students from more than 30 countries. Awarded undergraduate and master's degrees registered by the French State.

MSc Web & Mobile Development

This major is designed to equip students with the latest web and mobile web programming techniques and to design IT architectures that support them.

MSc Cybersecurity, Cloud, Systems & Network Architecture

In the era of information explosion, the need of businesses for information technology is increasing. The set up of this specialization is therefore based on the needs of the enterprise and plays a key role in change management.

MSc Big Data & Business Intelligence

Big data consists of huge data, these data sets have exceeded the traditional intuition of humans and the analytical capabilities of computers. The study of this major aims to equip all participants with the skills to perform data analysis and develop solutions to support this data management revolution.

MBA Data Solutions Architect & NWoW

Our MBA focuses on training students who are good at designing solutions with data structures and able to adapt to new ways of working. This master's program is suitable for students who have completed their undergraduate courses in various majors and need to study information technology professional skills. They can quickly apply theoretical knowledge to work practice (statistics, mathematics, business school; marketing, environmental technology, economics) and thus allow their future business to fully benefit from the added value of its data.

Estiam Bac5
Students in all majors of our Graduate School of Computer Science can get our industry selection training classes in the fourth and fifth school years to ensure the fastest occupation rate and ensure that the position is suitable for the student. The career guidance provided by this career includes finance, retail, corporate mobile network management, e-commerce, digital media.
IT for the future of commerce: marketplaces, eCommerce solutions, automation and flow management, supply chain, international trade, referencing applied to online commerce, web to store, store to web...
This is a computer course for finance majors: blockchain, bitcoins, new payment systems, trading platforms, market data.
IT for the media industry with business courses on new media, broadcast and multicast, audio and video signal processing, codecs, live, media jobs, multiplatform broadcasting, digital creation around 3D, virtual reality, augmented reality, UX, UI and Design Thinking...
Computing for manufacturing industry: Factory 4.0, Embedded electronic systems in the automotive industry, IoT, Arduino and embedded technologies, Industrial and automotive trades.
15 students
per class, in first and second year.
25 students
per class, in third, fourth and 5th year.
IT Pros, not teachers !
  • In ÉSTIAM, work-study programs can be started from the third academic year
  • The tuition fee for full-time students is 9900 Euros. For the work-study programs students, tuition fees are free as they are paid by the employer.
  • The course closely focuses on the market needs and personal career planning.
Small classes

Small class teaching allows teachers and students to communicate and interact more closely. Our professors are senior managers with rich practical experience in enterprises.

They come to our school not only to teach students theoretical knowledge but also to pass on their own experience.

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École supérieure des technologies de l'information appliquées aux métiers
Graduate school of Paris for business applied information technology